No time for a little farm story this week…but I do want to mention that KLRU’s Central Texas Gardener show will air its Pledge special this coming Saturday, March 13, from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. As part of the program, they’re re-broadcasting some of their favorite segments, including the one they shot here at our farm last April! Obviously, we’re tickled, and hope you can tune in to watch our repeat performance and do what you can to pledge to KLRU. Central Texas Gardener is such a wonderful show (and no, I’m not just saying so because we’re on it!) and it deserves our support.

Also, as another little plug – if you’re interested in flower gardening, you should check out the weekly blog written by Linda Lehmusvirta, Central Texas Gardener’s producer. It’s informative, and always features some really beautiful photos.

* * *
We’re starting to finally see some growth from our early spring crops! Here’s what we’ll be bringing to the Jollyville Road farm stand this Wednesday:

Lettuce mix; some lettuce/chicory salad mix; spinach; bunches of green onions; green garlic; bunches of leeks; the first of the young Asian greens mix; the first baby arugula; bunches of cilantro; bags of chard; broccoli greens (a delicious substitute for kale, while we await our new crop of dinosaur); some brussels sprouts; and a bit of this and that.

Jo Dwyer
Angel Valley Organic Farm