We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Here at the farm we’re back at it, harvesting as much as possible for this week’s stand despite this morning’s 19 degree low (with the same in store tomorrow). Farmer John was heroic once more, row covering and double-row covering into the night, and it appears all is well. Here’s what we plan to have for you this Wednesday:

Beautiful Snow Crown cauliflower; red butterhead lettuce; green butterhead lettuce; Romaine; spinach; lettuce mix; Euro salad mix; Purple and Golden beets; “bunching” green onions; pink and purple radishes; the first Watermelon radishes; heads of Tendersweet cabbage and Farao cabbage; bunches of sweet white turnips; Brussels greens; bunches of chard; Dinosaur kale; bunches of Asian greens; bags of arugula; bunches of kohlrabi; cilantro; and more…

Jo Dwyer
Angel Valley Organic Farm
Farm stands:
Saturdays 9:00-1:00 in Jonestown on FM 1431 at the blinking yellow light; and
Wednesdays 10:00-2:00 in NW Austin at the Asian American Center, 11713 Jollyville Road (1-1/2 blocks north of the intersection of Jollyville and Duval)