Many thanks to everybody who came out for our Open Farm Day this past Saturday! While it was indeed a bit nippy first thing in the morning, it turned into a really beautiful day. We had so much fun.

Now it’s back to “business as usual” and we’re working on the harvest for this Wednesday’s farm stand. We’ll be bringing:

Lots of sweet white turnips; Butterhead lettuce, Romaine; Red leaf lettuce and Green leaf lettuce; Napa cabbage; spinach (we cut the heck out of it for the Open Farm, so we might not have as much this week…sorry!); all-lettuce salad mix (ditto…sorry!); “European” salad mix (ditto…sorry!); pink & purple radishes; bunches of Dinosaur kale and Curly kale; leeks; bags of arugula; bunches of mixed Asian mustard greens; bunches of chard; bunches of Brussels greens; escarole; heirloom eggplant, Italian eggplant and white Japanese eggplant; various peppers (mostly green bells and Cubanelles); some broccoli (yes, we cut the heck out of that for the Open Farm too); and anything else I might be forgetting right now…

Jo Dwyer
Angel Valley Organic Farm
Farm stands:
Saturdays 9:00-1:00 in Jonestown on FM 1431 at the blinking yellow light; and
Wednesdays 10:00-2:00 in NW Austin at the Asian American Center on Jollyville Road (1-1/2 blocks north of the intersection of Jollyville and Duval)